Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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We are pleased to announce our executive team for TEDxYouth@OKC. These ten individuals will lead the key positions necessary to execute this event. Each executive team member will seek to add individuals to his/her team in order to fully accomplish the necessary tasks. Due to an overwhelming amount of support from our community, we have decided to close additions to our committees unless an invitation is received from one of our executives. Please CONTACT us to let us know if you would like to volunteer to help the day of the event.


Delaney Barghols – Licensee and Organizer
Crossings Christian School
Delaney has wanted to host a TEDx event for quite some time. She applied to TED for a license to host a TEDx youth event in OKC because she wanted to connect with other high school students and engage in deeper discussions about issues that pertain to all of them.



Katie Shea – Curator
El Reno High School
Katie is leading the selection committee that decides who will be speaking and performing at our event. Her duties include managing the application process, speaker training, speaker/performer bios, and media interviews for speakers/performers.


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Madilyn Dunn – Executive Producer
Yukon High School
Madilyn will lead all production and planning for the day of the event. She oversees all of the roles happening on the day of our event related to content production, stage management, technology, and video.



Stephanie Beals and Corbin Walls – Event Managers
Mustang High School and Miami High School
Stephanie and Corbin will manage most of the event’s day-of logistics. They serve as the contact with our venue’s staff, manage our volunteers, coordinate ticketing and registration needs, and handle the overall event experience – including workshops, food, beverages, nametags, and swag bags.



Shamiah Naff and Lauren Roberts – Development Managers
Westmoore High School and Classen School of Advanced Studies
Shamiah and Lauren are tasked with raising money from sponsors for event expenses, helping us find the best resources, and managing the event’s finances.



Clare Galloway – Designer
Prague High School
Clare will create our event logo, brand our materials, help us develop an engaging website, and handle any other aesthetic components of the event.



William Michael – Marketing Manager
Westmoore High School
William will create and manage a strong online presence for the event, including website content, a blog, and social media. He will also be responsible for promoting our event to the public – which includes working with schools and the local media.



Brody Smith – Video and Production Manager
Noble High School
Brody has the important task of overseeing the video and production of the event – from managing audio and video needs, camera operators and the live stream of our event.


Other team members:
Elizabeth Clayton
Crossings Christian School
Selection Committee

Austin Dedmon
Byng High School
Event Committee

Larry Gu
Classen School of Advanced Studies
Selection Committee

Maddie Horning
Crossings Christian School
Development Committee

Emma Howard
Edmond Memorial High School
Selection Committee

Evan Oldham
Edmond Santa Fe High School
Event Committee

Talin Propes
Crossings Christian School
Production Committee

Christopher Russell
Edmond Santa Fe High School
Marketing Committee


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