Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
READ MORE Tickets to attend TEDxYouth@OKC are on sale now.

Make sure you get your tickets for our event! This is a multi-faceted day so anyone from students to teachers to adults and families will find something that sparks his or her interest.

For only fifteen dollars you can get general admission into the event, attend any of our fascinating workshops led by difference makers and visionaries from all over Oklahoma, be in the screening room to watch the TED Talks live stream from the main auditorium, and attend question and answer sessions with each speaker following the presentation.

Since our TED license only allows for one hundred attendees in the auditorium with the speaker, these premium tickets will cost thirty dollars. Premium attendees may also still walk around the event, go to question and answer sessions, and interact with other attendees to share ideas.

Please follow the link below to purchase tickets or to donate to the event via our eventbrite page:

TEDxYouth@OKC on eventbrite

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