Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Abigail Boatman

Abigail Boatmun (18 years old) – Durant High School
Live to understand the power of choice.
Rhetoric or Research: The Scientific Validation of the Sayings That Make My Eyes Roll.
I will be talking about the research behind common sayings in my household. “Yet is the most important word” and “Choose your comparisons wisely” will be the two focused on. It will incorporate Dweck’s fixed vs. growth mindset and Duckworth’s grit research along with Emmon and McCullough’s research on comparisons and gratitude.


Alexa Russell

Alexa Russell (17 years old) – Pryor High School
Live with purpose.
I’ll be talking about the most important and insistent question you’ll ever have to answer in order to live your best life: “Why?”


Baruc Lara

Baruc Lara (20 years old) – University of Oklahoma
Live to serve others.
I am speaking about how to better yourself to better others: I will touch base on the habits and mindset to go about improving yourself to build a better life for others.


bri sanders.jpg

Bri Sanders (18 years old) – Byng High School
Live to be yourself.
I will be discussing mental illness and why it’s so important to combat the stigma surrounding it. Not only does it affect how we can live, but how those who are uneducated about it can live around us. I’m beyond excited to be able to change the perspective of how mental illness actually affects day to day life, as well as bring a light to the darkness surrounding those diagnosed.


Calvin Shambles
Cavin Shambles (17 years old) – Vinita High School

Live to be healthy and happy.
I will be discussing science-based nutrition and the real power behind the BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) to living a more healthy and successful life. I was like many others who tried countless diet plans that promised quick results yet I as delved deeper into science-based nutrition I discovered what really worked.



Chloe Dean (17 years old) – Broken Arrow High School
Live to connect and equalize.
My talk is concerned with food deserts and food insecurity. While we are concerned with “living our best life,” it is important to recognize how our communities struggle wholistically, and we must look to ways to improve. Minimizing food insecurity and building a healthier, more equal, society for our people begins to level out the playing field begins. It all begins with awareness and efforts to meet our communities most basic needs.


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Enoch Porter (16 years old) – Ada High School
Live to relax.

I will be talking about how to live a “Stress-Free Life.” In life, you’re always going to get stressed out about things, but I’m going to talk about how to deal with stress in your life so you can live your best life.


Gardner Roby


Gardner Roby (17 years old) – Crossings Christian School

Live to be the first you rather than the next someone else.
I’m talking about living your best life for yourself and not anyone else.


Jakob Lavicky

Jakob Lavicky (17 years old) – Stillwater High School
Live to be yourself.
A Perception is reality, and what we believe about ourselves is what we become. If we can control the way we perceive ourselves, we can create our own reality, form the events that take place in our lives, and decide what kind of world we live in. If we can be empowered to believe in ourselves, we can unlock countless doors in life, achieve anything we put our minds to and make the world a better place. Throughout my talk, I will work to empower people to live their best lives by answering two important questions.

  1. How can we control the way we perceive ourselves?
  2. How can we be empowered to believe in ourselves?

I will also discuss important topics that need to be understood about perception and self-belief. The goal of my talk is to uplift people and encourage them to do great things they would have otherwise not done. There is so much valuable potential that is locked within countless people across our world. In my opinion, all these people need to begin the process of unlocking their potential is for someone to give them the knowledge that they can use to empower themselves to become the absolute greatest they can be. I hope you will all join us at TEDxYouth@OKC so that together we will live our best lives. Thank you.


Jayke Flaggert

Jayke Flaggert (19 years old) – Choctaw High School
Live to inspire.
A “Why” is the driving force behind anything that you attempt to accomplish. If you have no purpose, although you may accomplish great things, you are missing out on the important personal growth that comes with affixing your actions and drive to something bigger than yourself. This talk will take a brief analysis of influential, relevant people who made history and prove that although they are known for their impressive feats, they only could achieve those goals through a strong and direct “Why” or purpose. People like Gandhi, Oprah, Shakespeare, MLK, Plato, Da Vinci, and Einstein- although each accomplished amazing feats- all had one underlying motive that was essential to the success of their goals.


luke kerr

Luke Kerr (18 years old) – Deer Creek High School
Live to love the planet as you would love anything else.
I will be talking about the power an individual has in making changes to combat climate change. Change comes from the bottom up, and if we expect our legislators to take action, we must show them that we are taking action, too. I will be talking about strategies and tips for individuals to take in their daily lives to live more sustainably and how regular people can make a real change for our planet.


Macy Bush.jpg

Macy Bush (16 years old) – Skiatook High School
Live to be positive.
I will be speaking about is how a positive mindset affects your mental health. I truly believe that having a positive mindset in each day can improve everyone’s life. My hope and expectation for my talk is to inspire others to truly capture the mentality that is positive thinking. If we all take on the challenge of optimistic thinking and live to think positively we can enhance our lives, our communities, and overall the world.


Magdaline Dansby

Maggi Dansby (16 years old) – Latta High School
Live to include others.
I will be speaking about the idea of youth with special needs. Not only will our peers with disabilities benefit from a hint of kindness and an open door to opportunity, but so does the rest of the community without special needs. The theme of this TEDxYouth series is “Living Your Best Life”, this should apply to EVERYONE. No one can live their best life if they are excluded from the same opportunities and friendships that everyone else has. We need to focus on the love, not the disability.


Maya Shadid

Maya Shadid (17 years old) – Classen School of Advanced Studies
Live to be happy.
Preventing addictions in teenagers is the key to lessening the burden on the communities of America. My suggestions will offer you an expensive way that will benefit you for years. Without addiction, a person is able to live their best life.


Mykaela Salcido

Max Salcido (18 years old) – Oklahoma State University, OKC
Live to encourage.
Often when I meet new people and introduce myself using my preferred pronouns, I am told: “you are the first trans person I have ever met”. While many people have seen representations of the trans and gender non-conforming community online- even more have probably heard negative stereotypes or caricatures about us- few have taken the time to research, understand, or interrogate their internalized notions of gender identity. I will be talking about the ways in which we can grow our humanity and our compassion by learning to ask ourselves tough questions and hold ourselves responsible for our toxic thoughts and behaviors.


Stone Yang

Stone Yang (17 years old) – Bartlesville High School
Live to learn.
My talk conveys the necessities of pursuing knowledge for the sake of cultivating the mind. Knowledge is not just about getting through school with passing grades, rather it is about developing an understanding of the world around you. Acquisition of knowledge is what drives innovation within yourself and the community.



Joseph Lillard (16 years old) – Miami High School
Live to make the money of your dreams.
I’ll be going over the things that you don’t want to do when your making to beat the markets. Teens should know how the stock markets work because we are the future of the finance world.



Luke Akers (16 years old) – Classen School of Advanced Studies
Live to be in the moment.
My talk is about how we, as a society, are addicted to social media and how, whether if we realize it or not, it can actually do more damage to our mental health than we know. I will be sharing my personal experience, and talking about ways that I have cut out social media and how it has improved my life.


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