Hi! My name is Cavin Shambles and I am a senior at Vinita High School! My Instagram tag is @thecavdawg. I was asked for my favorite movie quote, which is “The stuff that dreams are made of” from the movie The Maltese Falcon. I find this quote to be my favorite for many reasons but mainly because of how goals in life can be viewed. I view the quote in my own perspective rather than what the quote actually stands for in the movie based upon Shakespeare. My favorite Ted Talk is from Luke Durward over “How to Make Healthy Eating Unbelievably Easy”. I listened to this talk right when I began my own weight loss journey and I feel as though it helped me immensely. This talk even inspired me to want to give my own and apply for TedxYouth@OKC. He discusses nutrition and eating in a true real-world example rather than just another form of diet or style of eating and it helped me change my own life.Blog Post – Living Your Best Life (Nutrition)

My Ted Talk will focus on the aspects of Living Your Best Life when it comes to a healthy diet as well as being satisfied with your body and daily cravings. It is extremely difficult to maintain a strict diet over time with high stressors in daily life as well as feeling confident in your own skin. Companies all across the world as well as the base level of the internet host a never-ending cycle of diet plans, supplements, and many other things that are “easy” or “guarantee” results over a certain amount of time. However, living a physically healthy life with the proper mental fortitude of eating right can be broken down to one simple number. Everyone has it and it is the key to achieving any compositional goal such as losing body fat, gaining muscle, or simply maintaining what you are currently at. This factor is what is called the BMR (Base Metabolic Rate). In my Ted Talk, I will be discussing how the BMR of every individual can be used to modify the body in a manner that results in a happier and more successful life overall. For example, it is a misconception that in order to lose weight, it is required that only a very minimal amount of calories should be consumed throughout the day. I will be breaking through these common misconceptions with dieting and having real results and how I used this new information to my own advantage. My end goal with this Ted Talk is to spread the message of how true nutrition is and how it can change your life just like it has mine and so many others.

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