Sophomore at Skiatook High School
Twitter handle- macybethbush
Instagram Handle- macybethbush
If you have read our past few blog entries then you know the drill at this point. We asked Macy what her favorite smell is.
“My favorite smell in the whole world is the smell of my house. There is nothing like coming home from school, or a long trip and smelling something that brings peace and a sense of comfortability.”
Next, of course, we asked Macy what her favorite TED talk was.
“My favorite Ted Talk is ‘It’s time to reclaim religion’ by Sharon Brous. I love this Ted Talk because it talks about how religion can meet the needs of modern life. As a Christian, I thought it was encouraging to be reminded that God will always meet my needs. Another reason I like this talk is that it talks about and includes several different religions.”

Finally, here is a brief synopsis of her talk which Macy provided for us:

“How can a positive mindset shape your mental health? That is the question that I will answer in my talk. My talk will take a look at how negative thinking affects your physical and mental health. You will hear my personal testimony of how I struggled with negative thinking. My talk will also include how to start thinking positively. You will see how you can turn a horrible day into a great day with the simple switch of a mindset. A mindset can determine how a person day or even life will turn out. We all have the choice of whether or not that mindset is positive or negative. My hope for my talk is that together we can start a movement of optimistic thinking. I truly believe that if a person starts thinking positively, their whole life could change for the better.”

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