Senior at Durant High School
Instagram and Twitter: @abigailboatmun

We asked Abigail to tell us the most ridiculous fact she knows. She told us that the eyes of an ostrich are larger than it’s brain. How strange!

Abigail’s favorite TED talk is Kelly McGonigal’s “How to Make Stress Your Friend.” She says, “this talk made me re-evaluate the stressful situations in my life. I learned that stress is a good thing which really changed my attitude during stressful times.”

We asked Abigail to go into a little more detail about her talk.  “I will be talking about sayings used in my household that have scientific research to back them up. My dad is always trying to motivate me during hard times, and most of the time I just roll my eyes. Recently I have discovered that almost everything he says has scientific validity to it. The two I will be focusing on are “Yet is the most important word” and “Choose your comparisons wisely.” I will be talking about research on grit, growth mindsets vs. fixed mindsets, and comparing yourself to others. Dweck, Duckworth, and Emmons and McCullough are the researchers that I will be using to support my information.”

We can’t wait to hear more from you, Abigail!

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