Senior at Deer Creek High School

Instagram: @lukejameskerr

Twitter: @lukekerr28

As an ice breaker, we asked Luke what was the worst thing he did as a kid. He told us that he actually stole a rock from a museum gift store!

Luke’s favorite TED talk is by Greta Thunberg at TEDxStockholm because she is so straight to the point and yet keeps the audience engaged. She’s able to have a mature talk that reaches the adult audience, even though she’s only 16.

“In my TED talk, I will be talking about having a passion for the Earth and how we, as individuals, can start movements within and outside of ourselves to better our planet. I see myself as an optimist (which is difficult in the environmentalism movement), and I believe that we can save our Earth if individuals across the globe begin taking steps on their own. Recently, it’s been “down with the corporations” and inaction instead of “let’s transform corporations” and action to make that happen. I will be speaking about how changing the way one thinks can make the earth safer and the person happier. Many people don’t see how climate change affects their daily lives, and they merely think it’s an issue to be dealt with in the future. We are already seeing the effects of climate change right now, and unless we have fast, widespread action, every single person will see the impact of climate change every single day. We live our life on our planet, and if we want to live our best life, we have to start loving the planet we live on.”

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Luke!

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