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Chloe Dean is a senior from Broken Arrow High School. We asked her, “what’s the funniest joke you know by heart?”

Below is her response

My go to joke is: 

¨Why are birds so bad at following directions?¨

¨They just like to wing it.¨

In the effort to be our best selves, we should recognize the pains of our neighbors and friends. Compassion for hidden epidemics is key to building healthy communities. My talk is concerned with food deserts and food insecurity for communities. While we are concerned with “living our best life,” it is important to recognize how our communities struggle to guarantee basic needs for citizens, and look to ways to improve food security and build a healthier more equal society for our people. I will talk about why we have food insecurity and how the issue has became a huge part of our communities. Then I will show how food deserts and food insecurity impacts our people. Before finally, finding ways that our community has made efforts to alleviate this issue. With education of this hidden epidemic and its consequences, we can take the issues that affect our communities and ensure that families have the best opportunity to “live their best life.” 

Thanks for your submission Chloe! We cannot wait to hear your talk


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